Settlement of open items and payment requests

Save time and money with our SAP® service

This service is worthwhile for businesses of all sizes: we will configure for you the payment program for settlement of open positions (F110) and the payment program for settlement of payment requests (F111). With the F111 payment run, you extend the options for automated payments in your SAP® system. This function is based upon payment requests instead of open creditor or debtor positions.

You will need the required formats for all payments made. We will integrate for you all country-specific and bank-specific formats, SWIFT and SEPA as well as XML formats in accordance with UNIFI Standard (ISO 20022). Use the tools made available by SAP® to generate your data carriers:

  • Payment Medium Workbench (PMW)
  • Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE).

For pooled payments, we will implement solutions for fully-automated matching and reconciliation.

Save time and money with perfectly configured payment programs. We'd be delighted to advise you, to provide you with an individualized concept and to implement it directly in your SAP® landscape. Contact us for more information or just make an appointment at our office in Hamburg.