The bank inside: SAP® In-House Cash (IHC)

Better tracking, better security.

With in-house banking, one of the group’s companies – usually the parent company or a financing company – will be in charge of cash flows within the corporate group thus constituting an in-house bank. The remaining companies will be assigned virtual current accounts at the in-house bank.

Install an in-house bank to establish significant competitive edges. You will have fewer external transactions, you will lower the costs for external banking services, and you will benefit from faster information on your liquidity status.

On the basis of SAP® In-House Cash, we will develop for you individual solutions designed exactly for your specific company's structures and the nature of your financial transactions. That will help you save time and money on one side and gain security on the other by being able to process financial transactions within your corporate group reliably without any third-party involvement.

The next step towards successful implementation of your in-house bank is to install a payment factory.