Cash pooling for corporate groups - national and international

Individual SAP® solutions for cash pooling

As one element of cash management in corporate groups, we provide solutions for cash pooling throughout entire corporations. Per value date, rule-based and with display of the current balance.

The interaction between self-initiated rule-based account clearing and bank cash pooling leads to optimization of interest. The cash funds of the corporate affiliates are pooled per value date on the parent company's master accounts.

For this purpose, we hold a number of rule-based and flexible procedures on SAP® basis available, which enables you to generate the bank transfer orders in the company yourself. This is an ideal solution particularly if you maintain accounts at various banks. We will assist you in defining the requirements catalogues for choosing your bank partners.

We will support you with a made-to-fit solution for current disposition of your bank accounts. For example, you may use intraday-statements for your disposition, which you can have your banks send during the day. If so requested, you may have yourself automatically informed in half-hour intervals about the most recent account transactions.

Integration into in-house banking will be required for proper allocation of cash pooling transactions to the individual subsidiaries. We'll take care of that as well.

We will make sure all customers receive exactly the solution their company needs in its current situation with a look at future requirements as well. The interfaces we develop for you will fit the architecture of your SAP® system landscape and are designed to assure future modifications and amendments are always possible.

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