Create more transparency

With automatic account statement processing

The automated SAP® account statement processing feature is not only interesting to large-sized corporations, it is also suited for small and medium-sized businesses.

Positions are automatically posted to and/or balanced in central accounting or sub-ledgers. You may classify transactions in the account statements and allocate/adapt these to your accounting rules.

Instruct your customers to send payment advices per EDI. We will integrate processing of the payments advices into your account statement processing function.

You may implement more sophisticated standardization of your processes by defining standard specifications for your account statements. This can be achieved both semantically and syntactically. This will enable you to transform bank statements issued by diverse banks into an identical standardized form for simplified processing. You may also automatically amend separate fee positions to bank statements for easier posting, which will reduce the workload on Accounting. The SAP® account statement processing feature is supported in various countries such as Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Austria, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore and Cyprus, just to name a few.

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